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Helen Stevens , Parent Infant Consultants

Hailed as a baby sleep specialist, Helen Stevens has helped thousands of families around the world by incorporating infant mental health concepts into sleep and settling of infants from birth to three years of age.

According to nurse, midwife, family and child health nurse, and infant mental health specialist, Helen Stevens states that ‘cherishing families and babies is what it’s all about’. Responding to an infant when they are struggling is natural, however sometimes the infant, for a range of reasons, is not able to respond, or if the care is not matching the need; then family distress prevails.

With her sensible, informed approach, Helen brings families together through the stressful times that are associated with infant sleep struggles. Providing evidence-based, accurate information is what helps parents and professionals understand how we can better deal with struggling sleep experiences.

Over the past 20 years, Helen has watched opinion and marketing flood this field, and with sensible, informed knowledge, she hopes to continue to empower parents so they are able to provide kind, responsive care to infants at sleep time.

Helen has travelled the world and presents personally to professionals overseas as well as via webinars, her books, writings and Skype consultations, while also continuing to support and present to professionals and families locally.

Helen’s wisdom is in high demand, evidenced by worldwide feedback.

For more information go to Parent Infant Consultants at www.helenstevens.com.au where you will find articles, services and handy tips. Also join the informative and supportive facebook page; Helen Stevens Parent Infant Consultants, or simply call the office or text 0411880720.

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