Did you know from birth our babies are exposed to our bacteria and after birth, breastfeeding continues to expose babies to beneficial bacteria?

Through breastmilk, babies are able to develop a balanced immune and digestive system, which can be boosted with a probiotic.


By taking a probiotic a baby’s microbiome is able to be assisted. Bubs microbiome can be disrupted due to mum’s diet, medication, hereditary factors, birth mode, and feeding choices.

When this disruption happens babies can experience gastrointestinal symptoms such as colic and other conditions including diarrhea, constipation, and reflux.

QIARA Infant 0-24 months is a probiotic that contains a strain isolated from human breastmilk that supports their immature digestive and developing immune system through resorting the gut flora. It’s especially beneficial after antibiotic use, to support gastrointestinal health and improve healthy digestive system function.

QIARA Infant Review

Best of all, Qiara Infant is now available for gastrointestinal support for babies up to 2 years in new, easy to use drops.

Qiara Infant Drops offers all the benefits of its probiotics, just in the convenience of easy to use drops. One sachet of Qiara Infant powder is equivalent to six drops, giving a full daily dose for bubs 4-24 months. Three drops daily is the recommended amount for newborn to 3 months.

QIARA Infant drops Review


Standout features of QIARA Infant

  • Suitable for all infants – 0-24 months
  • NEW Liquid drops – are easy to administer directly to your baby
  • Gluten, soy, grain, corn, and dairy-free
  • Australian made
  • Up to 6 weeks supply in one bottle of Infant drops
  • 28 sachets of oral powder per box
  • Tasteless – the powder in the sachets is tasteless and most children are happy to take

How to use QIARA Infant drops

  • Shake well before use
  • Hold the bottle upside down to slowly deliver drops directly into your baby’s mouth or directly onto the breast while breastfeeding. The drops can also be added to breastmilk, formula, or soft foods.

QIARA Infant Review

How to use QIARA Infant Sachets

  • Simply add the tasteless powder into your baby’s bottle or water bottle, or mix in with soft food immediately before feeding. It is not advised to heat food after adding the sachet.

QIARA Infant Sachets RRP $39.95

QIARA Infant Drops RRP $44.95