To the Mummas who gave birth in 2020

This has been a year no one could have imagined. People will be talking about 2020 for years and years to come. It’s been a difficult time to have a baby, but mumma, we see you. As we’re coming towards the end of the year and for some of us, only just having restrictions eased…we want you to know that however you’re feeling, it’s valid and you’re not alone.

A sense of grief or loss

Seeing other women having baby showers with their friends, giving birth without visitor restrictions, being part of a mothers’ group, going for coffee catch-ups, and having family support at home in the postpartum period might bring up emotions about what you missed during the pandemic. The loneliness, the stress, and the fear you experienced.

It’s valid and you’re not alone. 

A sense of relief or achievement

Phew, you did it, mumma! You made it through to the other side. Feel proud of yourself, it’s a massive achievement. Having a baby shouldn’t be done alone, we’re supposed to have a village. You’re amazing and incredibly strong. Now you get to show your baby off to all of your loved ones, and get back to a normal life. You have so much to look forward to.

It’s valid and you’re not alone.

A sense of exhaustion or anger

This isn’t what having a baby should be like. Maybe with previous children of your own, or everyone you know, had help with their baby before the pandemic. Instead, you were alone feeling scared, tired, overwhelmed, resentful, or angry without a break to catch up on sleep, without even a hug from another mum going through the same thing.

It’s valid and you’re not alone.

A sense of guilt or stress

Your baby didn’t get to go to library rhyme time, mum and bub yoga classes, a newborn photography session, or even proper in-person maternal and child health nurse check-ups. Without this socialising, your baby might now be struggling with anxiety around other people. You might be too, and this stress and guilt could be concerning you that neither of you will recover from this unusual time.

It’s valid and you’re not alone. 

A sense of love and calm

Your baby is a beautiful blessing. A light in the darkness that was 2020. Perhaps slowing life down, endless skin-to-skin contact in the fourth trimester, and no need to rush out the door has meant a calm and lovely time to get to know your baby. When you think back on this year, you’ll think of your baby. You’ll smile and be flooded with love.

It’s valid and you’re not alone. 

To the mummas who gave birth in 2020…we see each one of you, and you have been in our thoughts all year. 2021 is a new year, and we’ll be here to support you through it however we can. Remember that you can send in a question to ask our wonderfully supportive Newborn Baby followers over on our Facebook page. You’ll find contacts for all of the free professional support you need here as well. You’ve got this, mumma!

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