Top Tips When Buying a Double/Tandem Pram

Whether you’re planning your family now, have one on the way or you’re expecting your second baby, buying a pram is a major purchase and one that should be considered from all angles. You want your ‘baby dollars’ to work hard for you, so buying a pram that will see you through the baby and toddler years as your family grows, is a worthwhile consideration.

Here are our Top Tips When Buying a Double/Tandem Pram:

Will it grow with your family?

It’s worth thinking longer term when considering a major purchase such as a pram. Some things to consider are: are you planning to have more than one child, and how close together do you plan to have them? Unless you are planning a five year gap, purchasing a pram that will convert to a tandem pram is a no brainer.

 Can it carry a Newborn and a Toddler?

Your best option is to buy a pram that converts easily from a single pram to a tandem.

A tandem (as opposed to a side-by-side twin pram) is a much more practical option as it can be used as a single pram until you’re ready to convert it. There isn’t much point in wheeling around a side-by-side double pram with one side empty for a couple of years.

Can you get through doorways and supermarket check outs?

You’ll need to consider the width of the pram, as many side-by-side prams don’t fit through standard doorways. There is nothing worse than queuing at the supermarket only to find that your pram doesn’t fit through the aisle. Choosing a tandem model where the toddler seat is no bigger than the chassis will ensure you won’t get stuck in doorways and supermarket aisles.

Does it offer a practical design that doesn’t compromise comfort?

Comfort for your children is up there as a key feature. Not all tandem prams are created equally so make sure you choose a pram that doesn’t compromise on comfort for the sake of other features. It’s worth making sure there is plenty of leg room for your toddler, and that the seat is big enough to accommodate a tall toddler. Also check that it is strong enough to hold a toddler’s weight (roughly 17kg) and the weight of the baby. Easily accessing the shopping basket is also important. You don’t want to have to carry heavy bags of shopping because you can’t get to the basket underneath, as well as push around two kids.

Does it still offer all the safety features of a single pram?

In our harsh Australian sun, a pram that provides adequate sun shade is a not-negotiable. Make sure your tandem pram offers expandable sun shades or the facility to zip on extra sun shades to ensure both your children are protected. Plenty of airflow is also a safety feature that shouldn’t be compromised on – the ability to zip open and shut airflow pockets is a great feature, keeping the kids safe and offering you peace of mind.

So there’s quite a bit to think about but if you keep these key questions in mind when considering your purchase you’ll be sure to get the right pram for you and your family.