Another Study Debunks myths linking Vaccines to Autism

Despite a major new study debunking the myth that lifesaving childhood vaccines are linked to autism, the conspiracy continues to linger thanks to the growing cohort of anti-vaxxers. 

Conspiracy theorists and those against vaccination have for years been claiming that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR) may cause autism, resulting in a decline in infant and childhood vaccinations. 

While the doctor behind the anti-vaccination movement, Andrew Wakefield, had his medical licence revoked following the discrediting of his research linking vaccination and autism, anti-vaxxers remain convinced of its legitimacy. 

This week, a major Danish study proved once again that the MMR vaccine does not increase the risk of autism, trigger autism in susceptible children and isn’t linked with clustering of autism cases following vaccination. 

“This comprehensive study result demonstrating that there is unequivocally no link between administration of the MMR vaccine and Autism is just another nail in the coffin for this misplaced, dangerous – and frankly stupid – belief,” says obstetrician Dr Brad Robinson. 

“There is no link between vaccines and autism, and there never has been.”

The Danish study, which considered half a million Danish children born between 1999 and 2010, is one of many that have disproved any link between autism and vaccinations, since Mr Wakefield first made his claims. 

While the medical community in Australia and the USA have been quick to throw their support behind the findings, many have expressed concern that so much money is being spend on research to refute unsubstantiated conspiracies, rather than new scientific and medical discoveries. 

“Sadly, those that support such a view clearly do so despite the insurmountable evidence otherwise and as such will likely continue to do so because it just doesn’t fit their view of the world.”

“There is no two sides to the vaccine debate.  There is in fact no vaccine ‘debate’.  There is right and there is wrong.  Not vaccinating is wrong and places the broader community at risk.

“The immunocompromised, the elderly, the pregnant, the newborns.  They all potentially pay a price for the stupidity of the small number of anti-vaxxers who can harbour and spread disease.

The MMR vaccine, which requires two doses and protects children against all three diseases, has resulted in a dramatic decline in reported cases of measles. 

“I would challenge those that read off the ridiculous anti-vaxxer hymn sheet preaching ‘big pharma’ and the like to really show the courage of their convictions and actually decline to use any medical interventions in their life.

“Why don’t they take a stand and commit to not using pain relief, blood pressure lowering medication, to not seeing their family GP, to not going to hospital? I mean, if it is all part of a broader medical conspiracy why draw the line at just not vaccinating?”

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