Five Ways to Celebrate Your Baby’s First Easter

Easter is a great opportunity to spend some quality time together as a family. Your baby’s first Easter can be a good excuse for a family celebration, some down time for you, or an opportunity to take some cute baby photos. Here are five ways to celebrate your baby’s first Easter.

Start an Easter Tradition

Bake your own Hot Cross Buns or Easter themed cup cakes and enjoy them over the few days that you’ll be at home as a family. While your baby is too young to participate on their first Easter, before you know it they’ll be looking forward to sitting up at the kitchen bench with you, wanting to stir the batter or lick the spoon.

Host a Small Brunch

An Easter brunch is an easy way to catch up with family and doesn’t require much effort. A small investment  for hot cross buns, chocolate croissants and a large pot of coffee will be all that’s required of you. Staging an easter egg hunt for older nieces and nephews will make for happy kids and adults.

Take Some Cute Photos

Dressing your bub in an Easter themed outfit and having a mini photo shoot will be fun for you and provide beautiful photos that you’ll enjoy looking at for years to come.

Buy an Easter Book Instead of Eggs

It’s unlikely they’ll be interested in non-chocolate Easter gifts once they are old enough to eat chocolate. So capitalise on this now and buy a beautiful Easter book that you can read to them now, and throughout their childhood. Snuggling up together to read the same Easter stories will make for lovely childhood memories as they grow older.

Go for an Easter Picnic

The arrival of Easter in Australia often heralds the start of the cooler weather heading into winter. So if the sun is shining, pack a blanket and picnic basket and head to your nearest botanic gardens, park or nature reserve and enjoy the colours of autumn and the last of the sunny days.

Easter doesn’t have to be all about chocolate eggs. It can be a time to create memories, reconnect with family and turn a blind eye to the daily jobs that come with having a small baby. Take advantage of the down time and Easter will become a lovely time for you and your family.

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