Retro Nicknames for Baby Naming Inspiration

Embrace the excitement of baby naming with unique and original names outside the box. One trend you might not have considered is retro nicknames – they can make great baby names! Some parents might choose a retro baby name to honour family traditions, to pay homage to a favourite era in history, or simply to stand out from the crowd.

Retro nicknames often have a classic elegance or edginess that can be appealing to many. Here are just 10 examples to inspire you.

Baby Name Inspiration from the Past: 10 Retro Nicknames to Consider

Retro nicknames for the girls:


The name Daisy is derived from the Old English word ‘dægeseage,’ which means ‘day’s eye.’ It is also associated with the flower of the same name. The flower is thought to have gotten its name because the petals open and close with the sunrise and sunset. The name Daisy has come to symbolise innocence, purity, and new beginnings.


The name Dottie is a diminutive of the name Dorothy, which itself is a Greek name meaning ‘gift of God’. The name Dottie has been in use since the late 19th century.


The origin of the name Lulu is uncertain, but it is thought to be of Arabic origin and the meaning is ‘pearl’. It is also thought to be a short form of the name Louise.


The name Millie is a diminutive of the name Mildred, which is derived from Old English and means ‘gentle strength’ or ‘gentle power.’ It can also be used as a diminutive of the name Millicent, which is derived from Germanic elements and means ‘strong in work’.


The name Rosie originated as a diminutive form of the name Rose. It therefore has come to be associated with all the beauty and grace of the flower. The name is often seen as a symbol of beauty, innocence, and joy, and is commonly used as a nickname for someone with a sweet, kind, and gentle disposition.

Retro nicknames for the boys:


The name Sonny is a pet form of the name Son, which is of Hebrew origin. It is also used as a nickname for someone who is cheerful and full of energy.


The name Buster is of English origin and means ‘breaker of obstacles’ or ‘one who busts things.’ The name has been used as both a nickname and a given name since the mid-19th century.


Woody was originally used as a nickname for someone who lived or worked in a wooded area, or for someone who was good at woodworking. The name has also been used as a nickname for someone with red hair.


The name Eddie is derived from the English language and is a diminutive form of names such as Edward, Edmund, Edwin, and Edgar. It means ‘prosperous guardian’ or ‘rich protector’.


The origin of the name Buddy is from the American English term of endearment, which originally derived from the English word ‘brother’. The name Buddy is generally understood to mean ‘friend’ or ‘pal’ and is often used as a nickname for someone close.