Sleep routines and monitoring are one of the main stressors for new parents, with many parents experiencing the same anxiety of ‘how do I know my child is asleep and safely sleeping’? When parents constantly pop their heads in to check on a sleeping baby, both the baby’s and parent’s sleep can be disrupted and this can lead to further parental anxiety. This is where baby monitors become your go-to and ultimate parent tool.Tommee Tippee Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor 2

The NEW Tommee Tippee Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor reassures, notifies and tracks sleep, while being the first baby monitor to provide actual feedback. The Dreamsense allows parents to refrain from constant checking and worrying as the monitor provides alerts that matter when necessary.

Tommee Tippee Baby Monitor Review

Through the smart app parents can set and adjust comfort zones including temperature, humidity and light. When these comfort zones fall outside of your setting the monitor will flash amber to inform you of the changes.

Tommee Tippee Baby Monitor Review


Standout features of the Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor

  • HD – see every movement in high-definition detail
  • Pan and tilt camera – the camera has the ability to be tilted (80°) and panned (190° horizontal) for greater visibility. The HD camera has a 120°field of vision
  • Night-vision – to ensure every moment is easily seen
  • 2-way audio – for communication between yourself and your little one
  • Temperature and humidity sensors – alerts parents to rises and falls in temperature and humidity
  • Wireless parent pod – allows for the audio monitor to be easily moved around the house and uses coloured lights and sound to communicate
  • Secure smart app – enables parents to watch their baby from anywhere and define custom comfort zone levels and track their baby’s sleep patterns
  • USB Charger – to simplify the charging process

Tommee Tippee Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor - tilt

What’s included in the box

Tommee Tippee Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor box

  • 1x baby unit
  • 1x parent pod
  • 2x USB Type-C cables (1x 2.5m and 1x 1.2m)
  • 1x multi-region power adaptor plug
  • 1x user manual

Tommee Tippee Baby Monitor Review

Tommee Tippee Dreamsense Smart baby Monitor RRP $399.99 – Available from and Baby Bunting.