10 things to love about having three kids or more…

If you’ve just discovered you’re pregnant with your third child, and whether it’s a surprise or was planned, you’re most likely feeling a flood of different emotions right now (freaking out is probably the biggest one, right?). You know it will inevitably mean you may need a bigger car, a bigger house, that you’ll have more kids than arms, and naturally life is going to get a whole lot more hectic and challenging.

It’s not all bad news, though, and we’re here to tell you 10 of the wonderful things to love about having three kids.

1.You know what to expect with newborns

Remember how scary and daunting it was with your first baby? By the third baby, your life is nowhere near what it was pre-kids, so waking up several times a night feels oh so familiar, and you know that a newborn’s cries are nothing compared to a full blown toddler meltdown.

2. You can predict and enjoy each precious stage

Now you can experience that magical thing called hindsight, and realise how fast it all goes by. By the third baby, you’ll be less anxious about messing it all up, and just go with the flow. You’ll want to hang onto those delicious early months for as long as possible, and savour each new milestone.

3. You’ll get a lot of use out of the hand-me-downs

The paraphernalia that comes with having children can cost a small fortune. Once you have your third, you probably won’t have to buy a single thing, so the clothes and products you’ve bought will get plenty of use and love.

4. Your kids become more independent 

With three little ones, you quickly discover that you can’t possibly do everything for everyone. Out of necessity, your kids will learn to master skills on their own just so you can all get out the door. While you’re feeding your baby, the bigger ones will have to learn how to get dressed, put their shoes on, and pour themselves a drink of water. This is all great for their development and self-esteem!

5. You learn to be super efficient and to simplify

You’ll become a master of efficiency and multitasking…or else nothing would get done! You’ll also realise that ‘stuff’ can get in the way of keeping organised, and can add to any overwhelm, so Marie Kondo will have nothing on you and your tightly-run ship.

6. Your negotiation skills are phenomenal

Hostage negotiators could learn a thing or two from a mama of three. You can unflinchingly deal with your oldest’s meltdown about packing up their toys, whilst convincing your toddler to put their shoes on, all at the same time as rocking and shushing your baby to sleep in the carrier for their nap.

7. You actually rock self-care

Unlike first-time mothers, mums of three know that self-care isn’t optional. You know it’s the only way you will not just survive the day, but will thrive. You know (guilt-free!) how to hand over the kids to the grandparents or to your partner on the weekends. You’ll probably want to do things like get up early to have a coffee in peace, or find a gym with a creche.

8. You get three times the love

The unconditional love of a child is tripled, three times the cuddles, lots of little hands to search for yours for comfort, tons of kisses, and complete adoration multiplied.

9. You don’t sweat the small stuff

The third baby tends to be more adaptable, and generally eat better, sleep better, and fuss less. Because you’re a mothering machine by then, you don’t worry about the trivial stuff, so you won’t be googling and comparing to other babies as much.

10. You’ll discover that a mother’s love has no limits

Your capacity for love expands with every baby, and even if they all drive you nuts most days, you wouldn’t trade it for the world. Life with three is often loud, chaotic, and stressful, but it’s also filled with LOTS of life, laughter, and love.


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