20 unique and unusual baby names

Choosing a baby name that will stand out from the crowd that is stylish, familiar, and appealing, but not too ‘out there’ can be tricky. Thankfully we have taken the hard work out of your search and come up with this list of 20 unique and unusual baby names for boys and girls, along with their meanings. We hope you find some hidden gems here!

10 unique and unusual girl names

Ingrid: Of Norse origin meaning ‘fair’, it refers to the Norse god of fertility, peace, and prosperity. Popular in Scandinavia, but is still quite unusual in Australia.

Birdie: A vintage nickname (it was in the Top 200 names of the 1880s) that’s coming back into style in a big way. Of English and Swedish origin meaning, well, ‘bird’.

Guinevere: Meaning ‘white shadow or white wave’ from its Welsh origins, it’s an evocative and romantic choice.

Arely: Of Spanish and Hebrew roots meaning ‘the voice of god’ is common among Spanish-speakers, but is a great trendy and feminine choice elsewhere.

Goldie: Of Yiddish origin, it was a popular nickname between the late 1880s through to the 1940s, and it looks like it could be making a comeback.

Ayanna: Its origin is not fully known, but possibly Arabic or African, and meaning ‘large eyes, or time, or beautiful flower’.

Beatrix: Of Latin and Dutch origin meaning ‘she who brings happiness; blessed’ has a playful note associated with Beatrix Potter (who was actually born Helen), the creator of Peter Rabbit. Bea and Trixie are both adorable nicknames for Beatrix.

Elowyn: This lovely feminine name can also be spelt Elowen, and means ‘elm’.

Valencia: Meaning ‘brave, strong’ in Spanish, it also shares its name with a beautiful Spanish city that is steeped in history.

Claudia: Meaning ‘lame; enclosure’ in its Latin origin, it’s a name that’s never truly been popular or unpopular. It was a common name in Ancient Rome, and is still appealing now.

10 unique and unusual boy names

Decker: Originally a German name meaning ‘roofer’, it has a unique masculine sound.

Merrick: Meaning fame and power, it’s a strong, attractive surname-turned-first name that has a mix of possible origins.

Torin: An out-of-the-ordinary Irish family name, meaning ‘chief’.

Cassian: Meaning ‘hollow’ in its Latin origin, and is a saint’s and Latin clan name. It’s virtually unused and waiting to be discovered!

Benedict: Meaning ‘blessed’ in Latin, it is a distinctive choice for those who like Benjamin, but would like something less popular.

Granger: An English originating name meaning ‘worker of the granary’, makes an unusual surname-made-first name choice that has a warm and friendly sound.

Marcello: Of Spanish and Italian origin meaning ‘young warrior’, it is a lush and attractive Latin name.

Javion: It’s a creative mix of Jay and Savion (meaning saviour).

Wolfgang: Meaning ‘traveling wolf’ in German, and is usually associated with Mozart, although many people also like his middle name Amadeus.

Finnian: Meaning ‘fair’ in its Irish origin, and just may catch on as much as its cousins Finn and Finlay have.

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