10 Things to Tick Off Your Pre-pregnancy Bucket List

Life changes in a big way once you become a Mum. One of the biggest changes is that no decision you ever make, after becoming a parent, will ever be just about you. You will always default to how it will impact your kids. So while you’re still footloose and fancy-free, enjoy some advice from Mammas who’ve been there and done that… but can’t any more.

While you wait for that double-line to appear, here are ten things to tick off your pre-pregnancy bucket list.

  1. Sleep in as much as you can, your sleep will never be as high quality, as uninterrupted or as long as it is before kids.
  2. Have loud and late night parties. You won’t host a loud party for at least ten years post-birth. Loud First birthday parties don’t count.
  3. Travel as much as you can. Logistics, cost and routine (or trying to establish one) will keep you stationary for a while. But particularly, do the rock climbing, skiing or parachute jumping pre-kids. I’m pretty sure there’s no pram ramps on a rock face.
  4. Eat all the camembert. In fact, just eat all the antipasto as often as possible. Most treats on these platters are out of bounds in pregnancy.
  5. Go to the cinema as often as you can. There aren’t many parents who’d waste a baby-sitter on a movie. You’ll become very discerning about how you spend your childfree time and watching movies becomes a stay-at-home event.
  6. Go to a music festival. Camp, get around in bare feet, drink wine for breakfast. Music festivals are no place for babies so get your fill ’till you find a family-friendly festival in a few years time.
  7. Smash those career goals. Juggling a career and family is never easy but the more established you are in your career the better off you’ll be when it comes to going back to work. It’s much harder to put in the hours building a career when you have to leave the office early for child-care pick up.
  8. Make brunch a regular thing. Once bub arrives, by the time brunch comes around you’ll have been up for five hours.
  9. Go on a ‘Girls’ Weekend’, book in the massage, mani/pedi, floatation tank and drink too much champagne.
  10. Spend an entire day on the beach with a book.

These are things that parents fantasise about doing once they have kids – exploit that freedom, you’ll be so glad you did.