Everyone knows that having a baby can be expensive, but consider this: the older the child gets, the more expensive they get. One of the biggest expenses you’re likely to incur is the cost of their education. Starting early to save for your child’s education is a smart move and one you won’t regret.  The Australian Scholarships Group (ASG), are the experts in helping parent’s plan for education costs and can help you set up a fund that will help you with expenses once they start rolling in.

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About ASG

ASG have been helping families for more than 40 years and offer financial products and educational resources that help parents prepare for the costs associated with their children’s education.

They provide a variety of flexible or structured education savings plans across all stages of education. There are member discounts and benefits, including  partnerships with education specialists, resources such as  articles on your child’s development from birth through to tertiary level. And as ASG is member owned, any profits are reinvested into the business to benefit members and their children. Their funds also qualify as scholarship plans under Australian tax law, which makes them tax effective.

The Cost of Modern Education

Your child’s education could cost you anywhere up to half a million dollars just to put a single child through school, depending on which model of education you choose[1]. This includes school fees, books, uniforms, excursions, school camps, extra-curricular activities such as music or drama lessons, sports equipment, and technological requirements such as a laptop or an iPad.

Investing in an ASG fund will ensure you are prepared for those costs when the time comes. Contributions can be as little as $2 a day. Depending on your circumstances ASG offer flexible or structured savings plans to  suit your needs:

[1] Based on data sourced from the 2016 ASG Planning for Education Index


To find out more, you can visit ASG