Are you struggling with sleep problems and just don’t know what else to do?

Helen Stevens, author of Connect to Sleep has literally worked with thousands of families and has selected four families stories that are representative of typical situations families find themselves in when babies don’t sleep and published them in her book.

At last! Sleep advice that really works. Based on providing gentle, compassionate care, Helen shares real-life stories from parents struggling with baby sleep during the first 12 months.

What Connect to Sleep Offers

Connect to Sleep offers a research based understanding of what is happening for the baby and ways for parents to respond that are kind, respectful and research informed, yet help babies sleep.

No controlled crying or modified controlled comforting is ever used.

Real parents who Helen has worked with, tell their stories and how it worked for them. The typical struggle times in the first 12 months of life are explored by the author who is a conference speaker and teaches health and allied health professionals and parents about baby sleep and infant mental health.

“Would you make your baby cry to make them sleep if you didn’t have to?  Most parents would say no because it seems counter intuitive. I know from both years of experience and current research that we just don’t have to make babies cry to help them find sleep, there are gentle and effective ways to help babies and children find sleep”.  Says Helen Stevens, author of Connect to Sleep.

“It’s about connecting to help baby sleep rather than wondering why they can’t just ‘go to sleep’

Reviews from Parents

(email) Hi Helen, I wanted to tell you that even though our experience seems so different to baby Avi in your book, it is actually the same and your thoughts and wisdom on how to think about Avi has helped our little one finally sleep, with loving care.   Thanks seems too small, this has been life changing for us. Sara, Damien and Finnae.

“Connect to Sleep is one of the best sleep books I have ever read and I have read many!  Thanks Helen it’s great.  Lynne (Child and Family Health nurse).

” can’t believe I read your book twice! I often don’t finish a baby sleep book, this is clear and absolutely engaged me, a frantically frustrated and tired mum. It’s both easy to read and completely captivating.

Quotes from the Book

… This is such a common situation and one that results in much distress. Let’s re-think that. Let’s change one factor; your response.

This book has information about helping babies find sleep and is based around  … 8 week old Noah “who only won’t sleep in his cot and never has”

… “19 week old Avi’s sleep is a disaster since her 4 month sleep regression”

… “8 month old Ayaz wakes 10 or more times a night for a feed”

… 11month old “Charlotte doesn’t even sleep soundly when she is in my bed. We are all so sleep deprived now.”

… ” Cuddles, rocking, and or singing quietly in her darkened room is a great start” (p.40).

…”Gentle care that is shaped around Avi’s cues and behaviours is more likely to restore calm to your home (p 43).

…but really what he is doing is adjusting to this new concept of you still existing when he cannot see you, which causes some babies to be more prone to distress when being left alone, and without you (51).

Overall Review

Connect to Sleep reviews each family through the lens of reaching peaceful sleep while keeping current research, the unique family needs and infant abilities in mind.

Parents are feeding back that even through the families are in a different actual situation, they have made changes that have resulted in better sleep, after reading the book.

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