It’s okay to not feel ok about birth during a pandemic

Many Australian pregnant women are facing more lockdowns, and in some hospitals, their partners are banned from postnatal wards. New mothers are left feeling alone and unsupported.

Giving birth during a pandemic is far from ideal, and it’s okay to feel whatever you’re feeling right now.

Sad that it should be different for you, but then guilty because there are people who are worse off.

Scared that you’ll contract the virus, or your baby will become ill.

Stressed about the uncertainty of it all, and worried what all that stress will do to your baby.

Anxious about what the postpartum period will be like during a global crisis.

It’s okay to feel all of those things. It’s okay to have your head in a million places with so many different emotions during this crazy time. This isn’t what pregnancy should be like. But do you know what? Millions of women all around the world are right there with you now.

You are supported every step of the way

You’re never going to be alone. The hospital staff understand how hard this is for you, and their priority is to ensure you and your baby are safe and healthy. They deliver babies every day, and know how to support, encourage, and advocate for you.

If you feel like you’re struggling, you need some expert advice, or you need someone just to chat to, you don’t have to navigate this huge transition during a strange time alone – here is a list of helpful resources. Technology also makes it possible to connect with your loved ones whenever you want.

Knowledge is power

What you can do is be as informed on birth as possible. Your hospital will have plenty of information that you can access online, or research reputable books or courses. Check out the Labour and Birth section of our site, loaded with informative articles written by experts.  A lot of the fear surrounding birth is about the unknown, so be armed with knowledge.

Think of your baby

Rather than focussing on the birth, think past it to when you bring your baby home and start a slow and peaceful postpartum experience with your newest family member. You’ll be safe, healthy, and it will be wonderful. Think of all the baby snuggles, and endless skin-to-skin time without visitors interrupting you.

As a woman, your body and mind is made for this! You will get through this, and you’ll feel immensely strong when you do.  You’ll have the absolute delight and joy of meeting your little person. Everything else will be forgotten, and you won’t want to take even a moment of it all back.

When it’s all over

Think of the stories you and your child will have about being born during a global pandemic, when people weren’t allowed to leave their house and everyone was hoarding toilet paper!

It will pass, and when it does it will be amazing. Focus on the hugs with friends and family, the coffee dates, and the love that will surround your baby.

You are not alone, and you can do this!

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