Essential Oils That Are Safe for Baby

Essential oils have amazing health benefits and most people will have used them in some form or another. They can be used topically, through an oil burner, a diffuser or even through just burning a scented candle. It’s perfectly fine to continue using essential oils after you bring your baby home but some are safer than others. So we are going to take a look at the essential oils that are safe for baby, and what they can help with.

The first thing to be aware of is that pure essential oils are incredibly potent so be sure to keep all essential oils out of reach from babies and children. Under no circumstances should babies be given essential oils orally.

Diluting essential oils is mandatory for all oils, regardless of who is using them, but more dilution is required for babies. Almond oil or Jojoba oil are gentle carrier oils and can be used to dilute the essential oils. A safe level of essential oil should not exceed .2 per cent of the recipe, or 1-2 drops of essential oil per 30 grams of carrier oil.

It is safe to start introducing your baby to some essential oils after they are three months old (and three months corrected for premature babies). Below is a list of oils that are safe and how they can help.

Fussiness or Anxiety

Babies can get a little overwhelmed when they are getting used to being in the world, so some of these oils may help. (These oils are safe to use from three months old).

  • Chamomile (Roman or German) – a calming oil that is also useful for dry skin, eczema, colic and teething.
  • Dill – another great calming oil, also will also help relieve digestive upset.
  • Lavender – encourages sleep and relaxation.
  • Yarrow – will balance feelings of confusion and anxiety.

Colds & Flu

Whether you are trying to protect your baby from a cold that’s circulating or trying to fight one these oils will help. Lavender oil is safe from three months, and lemon and tea tree are safe to use from six months.

  • Combine two drops of lavender, tea tree and lemon oil in a diffuser to help keep germs at bay.
  • For a topical application combine either lavender, tea tree or lemon oil with two tablespoons of carrier oil and rub a small amount on to your baby’s back, chest or tummy to help sooth congestion or sleeplessness.
  • It’s worth mentioning that many of us default to Eucalyptus oil and a vaporiser when suffering from colds and flu. Eucalyptus contains an ingredient called cineol, which can trigger a slowing of breathing in very young children.  So if using a vaporiser it is safer to utilise the therapeutic benefits of the steam, or opt for one of the safe oils above. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

A Few Things to Remember

Introduce essential oils slowly as you don’t yet know if your baby has any allergies. Introduce oils one at a time so you can watch for any reaction. Use in very small amounts when first trying an oil. If they are allergic they will likely show a reaction within the first 30 minutes.

Being informed is the best way to safely enjoy the use of essential oils

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