Baby loungers: What are they used for?
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Have you seen baby loungers featured on social media pages or parenting sites, and wondered what they were all about? The babies look so cute and content lying in them, but if you’ve also noticed their price tag, you would hope that they had endless uses. You’d also want to know that they’re safe, and could potentially make your life that bit easier before considering one.

Well, we’re here to show you just some of the many wonderful ways your baby can use a lounger. Plus, we’ll look at how to use them so that you feel rest assured that your little one is snug and safe while you get some much needed hands-free time.

Baby loungers: What are they used for?

Babies are beautiful, but they’re also a lot of hard work. Particularly in the early months, they require a lot of feeding, cuddling, wearing, and settling. There’s nothing wrong with wishing you had an extra pair of hands, or at least somewhere soothing and comfortable to put your baby down, so that you can get on with other things like shower, eat, or rest.

Baby loungers are the next best thing to having your little one in your arms. Let’s look at just 20 of their many uses:

At home:

  1. For newborns, baby loungers, otherwise known as nests or pods, offer a cosy womb-like environment, making the transition to the fourth trimester smoother.
  2. Place bub on the kitchen floor in one while you cook or make a cup of tea.
  3. Using a waterproof base, you can place the lounger on the bathroom floor while you shower, keeping an eye on bub.
  4. For mums recovering from the birth, particularly C-Sections, it’s the ideal way to keep your baby close without you having to move much.
  5. If you like to do home workouts, and rather than trying to fit them in during naps, you can keep your baby beside you and continue to chat to them and make eye contact while you have some vital self-care time.
  6. Give your arms, shoulders, and neck a rest while you continue to play and bond with your baby without constantly holding them.
  7. The rounded edges and soft padding makes it comfortable and supportive under your baby’s arms during tummy time.
  8. It allows you to take your baby everywhere with you around the house, so you can get on with chores such as laundry, cleaning, and tidying up.
  9. Baby loungers often convert to play gyms with attachable toy arches, so your little one can spend time playing independently, thereby encouraging their motor skills and meeting their sensory needs.
  10. Keep some nappies and wipes in each room, and then simply place a towel or muslin wrap down, and a lounger becomes an instant nappy change mat, so you don’t have to go to another room.
  11. They make the perfect snug spot to dry your baby and give them a gentle massage after a bath.
  12. Keep your hands free while you attend to the needs of older children at bathtime, mealtimes, homework, or playtime.
  13. They make exceptionally cute places to take weekly milestone photos of your precious little one.
  14. For the opportunity to get some rest, you could both cosy up on the floor while you read or watch TV, and your little one takes in the scenery or plays.

Outside the home:

  1. Take your lounger with you to mum and bub yoga or other fitness classes, so you can keep your baby content and close to you.
  2. If you find a lounger that can also have a sunshade and bug screen attached to it, you will enjoy using it at the beach where your baby is protected and not going to get covered in sand.
  3. The same applies to visits to the local swimming pool or on camping trips. Baby loungers are lightweight and portable, so you can take them anywhere.
  4. Picnics in the park can be made much more relaxing for you if you’ve got somewhere to pop your bub down comfortably while they gaze up at clouds.
  5. If you’re visiting family or friends, or anywhere new, taking your baby’s lounger with you means that they have a space that is familiar and comforting in a world that is ever-changing and overwhelming.
  6. Take your lounger on holiday with you, whether it’s only an hour’s drive away or an overseas trip. Get yourself a special travel bag to make it easy to carry, whilst keeping it dry and clean.

Baby loungers: What they shouldn’t be used for

Now that you’ve had a glimpse into just some of the amazing ways you could use a baby lounger that would undoubtedly make your life easier, you’ve probably got some questions. Namely around sleep, and where you can and can’t use them safely.

When and where it’s unsafe to use baby loungers:

  • Baby loungers are not safe for overnight sleep for infants.
  • They should not be used in bassinets, cots, portacots, Moses baskets, or playpens.
  • Loungers are not to be used as bed sharing devices, so should never be placed in the parents’ bed.
  • Babies should never be left unsupervised in a baby lounger.
  • They should be placed only on the floor and not on a raised surface such as a bed, couch, or bench.


When and where it’s safe to use baby loungers:

  • Young babies should always be placed with their feet towards the foot end with the buckle closed to prevent them from wriggling downwards.
  • As they grow, they can be positioned higher up and clips can be left open so that your older baby or toddler can easily enter or exit it independently.
  • Babies should be dressed appropriately for the temperature of the room. Blankets, pillows, and any other loose items should not be used either underneath their body or on top.
  • If you’re settling your baby for a nap, you should place them in their bassinet or cot, and not a lounger.
  • If your baby happens to fall asleep in their lounger during the day, their naps must be supervised at all times. They should be transferred to their safe sleeping space for overnight sleep.
  • You don’t always have to lie your baby down in one. If your baby can sit or is learning to, they might enjoy the security that a lounger provides around their lower body.

What are other parents saying about baby loungers?

A lifesaver’

‘It’s like having an extra pair of hands’

‘Gives me the freedom to take baby anywhere around the house with me’

‘I’d be lost without it!’

‘It’s by far my favourite baby essential’

‘We’ve used it every single day since day one!’


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