New Bugaboo Runner: One base fits all!

Strollers and prams designed to take running aren’t a new concept, but often only the most dedicated runners will go to the effort (and cost) of purchasing two separate strollers.
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Well now Bugaboo has offered a solution with the introduction of the Bugaboo Runner, a separate chassis designed purely for running, which works with every current Bugaboo model.

Just click your seat on the Bugaboo Runner and you’re ready to go.Bugaboo Runner

Unique to the Bugaboo Runner is that you can choose to jog with your child (from 9 months) facing you or looking out at the world.

Available as an accessory for the Bugaboo Bee (2010 model and onwards), Bugaboo Cameleon, Bugaboo Buffalo and Bugaboo Donkey, the Bugaboo Runner can also be purchased as a complete jogging stroller with a separate Bugaboo Runner seat.

You can also connect Bugaboo accessories.

Bugaboo uses large wheels with air-filled tyres and has created a unique suspension system that absorbs any bumps along the way.

The three-wheel base allows for a stable ride and the front wheel is fixed to make sure you can run in a straight line, and the adjustable handlebar ensures an ergonomic running position.

Braking and adjusting speed is easy, just a squeeze of either hand anywhere on the handlebar is all that’s required.

The Bugaboo Runner quickly unfolds and folds in to its compact form, for easy storage at home or taking along in your car.

The Bugaboo Runner is available in Australia from May 2015.

The Jogging Extension will retail at $580 (incl. adapters).

As a complete jogger, the Bugaboo Runner will retail at $990 (incl. adapters and seat).

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