Britax release New e-brake Stroller

We’ve all seen those horrifying videos where runaway strollers or prams escape their owners grip, sometimes crossing train tracks or heading towards lakes, rivers and oncoming traffic.

It’s a scary prospect, and something that could easily happen to any parent.

From the Melbourne based company renowned for Safe-n-Sound, Australia’s leading car seat brand, Britax has designed, developed and tested a revolutionary new safety feature which will compliment the existing manual brake.

The e-brake™ is a touch sensitive braking system that activates when the carer removes their hands from the stroller.

Britax e-brake

Australian parents and carers will be the first in the world to access the e-brake, which is the first ever electronic braking system, ensuring safety and preventing avoidable accidents.

The technology incorporates an integrated LCD screen which displays speed, distance, current temperature and calories burned.

The stroller includes a rechargeable battery that can quickly charge your electronic devices and provides warning alerts to keep carers informed of their e-brake status.

The Britax e-brake will retail for $949 and will be available at specialty baby retailers from March 2015.

For more information visit Britax

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