New Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

Making feeding time more comfy!

In addition to a myriad of other potential difficulties, getting comfortable is one of the more tricky aspects to breastfeeding.

Many women find themselves moving from chair to chair, changing positions and desperately trying to prop pillows under their bub to make things easier.

Well, now Ergobaby has offered a solution through the release of the purpose-designed Natural Curve Nursing pillow which offers the support required to relax, feed comfortably and bond with your baby.

This nursing pillow is the result of years of consultation and development with lactation experts and breastfeeding mothers, the result encouraging an ergonomically tension-free posture and reduce the development of muscular strain most commonly felt through the shoulders, arms, neck and back.
The pillow’s smart contouring supports baby in the ideal tummy-to-tummy position for a healthy latch and aids digestion by positioning baby’s head above tummy level.

Ergobaby Nursing Pillow

The benefits of the nursing pillow extend to both mum and bub!

Benefits for Mum:

  • Ergonomic design relieves muscular strain and ensures a tension-free posture
  • Unique solid foam maintains shape for long lasting support

Benefits for Baby:

  • Smart contouring positions baby tummy-to-tummy for a good latch
  • Assists digestion by supporting baby’s head above tummy level

Benefits for Both:

  • Versatile comfort for both football and cradle holds
  • Developed in consultation with lactation experts and mothers
  • Easy clean pillow cover is removable and machine washable

The Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow comes with a removable cover in a two-tone neutral colour.


The plush, pile fabric lining the pillow’s curve is gentle on baby’s skin and contrast fabric is lightweight cotton poplin, making the cover machine washable and quick to dry.

Additional and replacement covers will also be available in the neutral brown and a vintage-inspired grey and yellow swirl.

The Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow will be available for sale from July.

RRPs are as follows:
Nursing Pillow – $129.00
Nursing Pillow Covers – $45.00

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