Britax Safe-n-Sound are a brand long associated with keeping our babies safe while we travel. Well known for their range of car seats, it comes as no surprise that Britax have a new design to add to their range, designed for the modern and mobile family.


The Britax Safe-n-Sound Millenia™ is designed with the travelling family in mind and fits perfectly into both car and aeroplane seating. The Millenia™ offers advanced safety features which include:

  • Rearward facing car seat right through to approximately the age of two or three which, is safer for your child.
  • Forward facing from 12 months to 4 years approximately with 4 recline positions in this mode.
  • ISOFLEX, which is Britax’s patented connector system. Ensuring easier installation and a correct fit, which makes for a safer journey.
  • Side Impact Cushion Technology – SICT™  is also a Britax trademarked technology which provides dual layer head protection and reduces the energy generated from a side impact crash. SICT™ providing 180? head protection and absorbs immediate crash energy.
  • Active Head Restraint – AHR™ provides deeper side wings to protect your baby’s head in a side impact crash. AHR grows with your child so and works with SICT to minimise the force of impact.
  • Thermo5™ Fabric with Bamboo Charcoal – not only providing the latest technology in car seat safety, it is designed with style and high performance in mind. It is gentle on skin yet hard wearing.



Britax Safe-n-Sound range includes a baby capsule, Unity™ ISOFIX Car Seat, which is suitable for aircraft, car and pram travel. Transitioning your baby between modes of transport without waking them has never been easier. The Unity™ ISOFIX is the only baby capsule that is also designed to accommodate low birth weight and premature infants.

Britax Unity capsule

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NBB Life Hack:

To make life easier when using your baby’s car seat for aeroplane travel, we found this great life hack (source unknown). Get yourself a trolley from Bunnings and secure the car seat with the straps to the trolley and there you have it…an easy way of transporting seat and child to the plane!