There are lots of things about pregnancy that hurt, and that’s before you even get to giving birth. Most women experience common aches and pains that come with growing a baby. Complaints such as pelvic girdle pain, varicose veins in the legs and the vulva, and lower back pain all cause significant ongoing pain. Until recently women had to put up with the pain that these issues caused and accept that it’s all part of being pregnant.

However, SRC Pregnancy Compression leggings offer a solution that may in most cases ease the pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy. The leggings have been designed by women, for women, specifically with pregnancy support in mind. Designed in consultation with an obstetrician, they address some of the most common discomforts of pregnancy.

The leggings offer anatomical support panels that can treat multiple conditions, such as lower back pain, pelvic girdle pain and pain from varicose veins, at one time. They offer continuous gentle compression that supports the pelvis and stimulates muscles in the area to help make the pelvic joints more stable.

They are available in full length or as shorts, so can be worn year round. The pregnancy shorts come in black or nude and black for the leggings so your comfort won’t compromise your style. SRC Health products are considered to be a medical compression garment so may be claimable through you health fund.

SCR Compression Shorts

SRC Pregnancy Compression leggings are recommended by obstetricians, gynaecologists, and physiotherapists and come with 100% Money Back Guarantee.

They are stocked by a range of health care professionals and are also available in select retailers and pharmacists, or online at SRC Health.