The Babystart Ovulation test is a simple at home test to help you determine when you are ovulating. Often perceived infertility is more a case of getting the timing wrong, this easy to use, highly accurate test, can help you identify the best days to try and conceive.

The test is over 99 percent accurate, can be used at home and will produce your results within five minutes of taking the test.

The test looks for LH (luteinising hormone) in the females urine. An increase in this hormone suggests that ovulation is about to take place. Being able to detect the time that a woman is most fertile means that intercourse can be timed with the presence of LH.

It is recommended that the test not be done first thing in the morning, simply because the LH will be concentrated in the urine and may give a false result. The test can be done at any other time of the day. Once a positive result occurs you can aim to have intercourse in the next 24 to 48 hours, as this is likely to be the window that ovulation will also occur.

The kit contains five tests so you can test for five consecutive days around the time that you think you may be due to ovulate.

Being able to test in the comfort of your home is invaluable. Having access to this information means you can be a little more strategic in your attempts to conceive.

The Babystart Ovulation test is widely available to buy over the counter at pharmacies, as well as online.

RRP: $18.95