One of the most memorable moments during a pregnancy is when you get the opportunity to see your child for the first time through an ultrasound.

This is when the pregnancy becomes real for most parents. For years, the only option was to get a flat, 2D image of your baby, and while this has worked, recent years have brought about the technology to view your unborn child through a 3D image.


2D Image2D ultrasounds are the black and white images that we are all used to seeing. Most times, you are able to see a basic image of your child, and are able to make out little features such as a hand or a foot. Doctors perform routine ultrasounds to make sure that the measurements are correct in correlation with the gestational age as well as to see if there are any potential abnormalities. If the parents decide they want to know, the sex of the baby can also be determined. Most insurance companies cover the cost of a 2D ultrasound because it is considered to be a necessary procedure. While there is nothing better than getting that first glimpse, we now have the tools to see the baby from the outside, rather than just viewing the skeletal system.


3D Image

A 3D ultrasound allows parents to get to view their child in a whole new way. With a normal, 2D ultrasound, the sound waves are sent down and reflected straight back, giving you the flat, black and white image. With a 3D ultrasound, the waves are sent from different angles that goes through a computer program that gives you a three dimensional image. Most insurance companies consider a 3D ultrasound an elective procedure, and parents who choose to have one must pay out of their own pocket.

Many people believe that having a 3D ultrasound will help with the bonding process between mother and child. There have been studies that showed that mothers who smoke while pregnant are less likely to continue after having a 3D ultrasound. Further studies have also shown that in cases where the mother is thinking about having an abortion, a 3D ultrasound image may make her change her mind.

A 3D ultrasound presents no more of a risks than a 2D ultrasound. The risks are associated more with the duration of the session. There are also very rare cases where a doctor may see an abnormality that is ultimately harmless, but will do tests to be sure. This will cause mom to have more anxiety.

Each version gives the parents a piece of mind that their baby is doing well, and also gives them an idea of what the baby will look like. A 3D ultrasound simply allows parents to see clearer characteristics of the baby, and provides a more intimate experience. If you decide to go with a 3D ultrasound, it is important to choose a facility that is experienced, and one that will give you the attention and caring attitude that you deserve.

Both a 2D and a 3D ultrasound will help your doctor in determining if your baby is healthy and growing as it should, so the choice is yours.

This guest post is written by Maya on behalf of Baby Glimpse.

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