What would be my baby’s eye colour?

Will your baby’s eyes stay brown, which many newborn babies are born with, or will they turn blue, or green?
Well, you cannot decide what eye colour your baby would have, but your genes can!

 Baby's eyes

According to experts, baby eye colour is determined by a set of complicated factors. The first thing is the parents’ eye colours. It is also determined by eye colour dominance. Some eye colours are dominant while others are recessive and the dominant colour normally wins.

A theory also states that a brown gene normally dominates green gene, while green gene dominates a blue one.

Despite of these complicated factors, we know that you are excited to see your baby’s eye colour. But before that, you might be interested to check this simple baby eyes colour prediction below, based on heterozygous (the most likely) odds.

Babies together

Brown eyes Dad + Brown eyes Mum (or vice versa) = 75% Brown, 18.75% Green and 6.25% Blue.

Baby eyes

Green eyes Dad + Brown eyes Mum (or vice versa) = 50% Brown, 37.5% Green and 12.5% Blue.

Two cute babies

Blue eyes Dad + Brown eyes Mum (or vice versa) = 50% Brown, 0% Green and 50% Blue.

Cute baby girl

Green eyes Dad + Green eyes Mum (or vice versa) = <1% Brown, 75% Green and 25% Blue.

Green eyes Dad + Blue eyes Mum (or vice versa) = 0% Brown, 50% Green and 50% Blue.

Babies with blue eyes

Blue eyes Dad + Blue eyes Mum (or vice versa) = 0% Brown, 1% Green and 99% Blue.

Interesting Facts:
A rare condition called heterochromia can result in people having eyes of different colours. Hollywood actress Kate Bosworth, from Blue Crush and the new Superman has blue eyes, with a hazel blotch at the bottom of her right eye. Mila Kunis, of Friends with benefits, That 70’s Show and Family Guy fame, for instance, has one blue eye and one green eye.

Different coloured eyes

Kate BosworthIt is fun to be curious about how your baby’s eyes will turn out and we hope that this guide will help you. For those who already have given birth… do you agree with the guide? Please share it with us.

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