Attempts to reduce c-sections could cause other problems, experts warn

Experts are concerned that Australia’s obsession with lowering the caesarian rate could be compromising the birthing experience of women who opt for natural births despite being advised against it.

Choosing a natural birth when a caesarian has been identified as beneficial often results in the use of forceps – which can cause serious injury, particularly to the pelvic floor.

Dr Karen Phillips told Channel 7 these sorts of births are simply unnecessary.

“If you can have the birth as easy as possible then go for it,” Dr Phillips said.

“You don’t have to suffer excruciating agony just to be a mother.”

Sunrise GP Dr Ginni Mansberg agrees forceps can have negative consequences, though she concedes cesareans rates did need to be reduced.

“Rates probably were a bit too high,” she told Sunrise, warning of complications such as respitory issues, bleeding and infection.”

However natural labour can also cause significant injuries, particularly if forceps are required.

“The big worry is the pelvic floor.

“That can last a lifetime and often surgery is required down the track.”

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