Baby Abigail’s miraculous second chance at life

There’s been an amazing development in the life of little Abigail, the baby girl who won hearts after her parents released stunning pictures of their daughter.

Her story was heartbreaking – diagnosed in utero with a malignant brain tumour and born with Down syndrome, little Abigail was given just days to live. 

Miraculously, Abigail defied the odds, not only surviving but thriving, despite doctors advising parents Erika and Stephen to avoid chemotherapy and surgery and enjoy what precious moments they had left.

But those precious moments kept on coming.



“She’s the chillest baby ever,” Erika told ABC News in September. “She just loves to be held. She watches your face, tracks it with her eyes. She’s had her feeding tube removed and is gaining weight.”

Due to Abigail’s amazing development, the couple chose to seek out a second opinion about her tumour.

Doctors re-reviewed Abigail’s scans and considered the possibility that the tumour may not be malignant after all.

Turns out they were right.

Following an operation to remove the mass on her brain, Abigail’s new doctors found the tumour to be benign – baby Abigail didn’t have cancer. 

“We couldn’t believe it,” Stephen told media. “Such an incredible, surreal feeling walking out of the hospital with Abigail. Bottling that up and carrying it with me forever. So very thankful.”

“When he said we got it all, it was like she was born again,” says Erika. “She had a new life now.”

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