Blogger defends image of mum breastfeeding her friend’s son

Parenting blogger Mama Bean has defended a photo featuring a mum breastfeeding her own toddler as well as her friend’s son at the same time.

The photo was originally posted on the Mama Bean Facebook page in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, along with the hashtag #milksiblings.

Unsurprisingly, the photo attracted a lot of attention as well as comments ranging from amazement and praise to downright disgust. 

In an article for Huffington Post, Mama Bean has defended posting the image and says wet-nursing is a fantastic alternative to direct breastfeeding.

Jessica, the mum in the picture, told Mama Bean that breastfeeding her friend’s son came naturally to her.

“My friend struggled with breastfeeding in the beginning and succeeded for 9 months. She was always very happy that her son had the nutrition and comfort he needed while she was working.

“Being able to breastfeed her little boy has created a special bond between us all, a bond I will always cherish.”

Mama Bean writes that it’s time to normalise breastfeeding in all its forms.

“For a society that has no issues drinking the milk of another species in their mocha cappuccinos, perhaps it’s time to change our general stance towards human babies drinking human milk.”

Medical experts advise those wishing to access breastmilk via wet-nursing to contact official milk banks to ensure adequate screening has taken place.

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