Pete Evans comes under fire from NBB expert Dr

Controversy just doesn’t leave Pete Evans alone – it seems to follow him around. It may have something to do with the ‘alternative’ health advice he is offering his followers in the public domain.

Pete Evans has taken the Paleo craze to new heights by offering a woman suffering from osteoporosis advice on excluding dairy from her diet.

The Facebook post asked the celebrity chef if the paleo diet would help improve her osteoporosis. He responded with advice to remove dairy from her diet: “I would strongly suggest removing dairy and eating the Paleo way as calcium from dairy can remove the calcium from your bones.”

When the reader responded by saying she would need to look into this further, he followed with “Read one of my comments below on calcium – most doctors do not know this information.”

Our resident expert, Dr Brad Robinson, who provides all our expert opinions on New Born Baby, thankfully does have the latest information around nutrition and osteoporosis. He responded with a scathing open letter to Pete Evans, with the intention of shutting down the peddling of misinformation around peoples’ health.

Dear Pete Evans,
I presume you have forgotten (silly you!) so please allow me to remind you.
You are a chef, NOT a doctor.
Further, you are not someone who magically knows things that the sum total of generations of medical research has determined. You do not have access to information that us uneducated doctors do not. Your astounding advice about osteoporosis would be amusing if it wasn’t so potentially damaging to anyone at risk who actually believed you.
Even worse, your advice to the user of an anti-cholesterol medication to cease its use is – through an increased risk of stroke and heart attack if your advice were followed – potentially deadly.
Can we make a deal?
You don’t give medical advice and I won’t tell you how to best shuck oysters.
Dr Brad

Osteoporosis Australia warned readers to treat his advice with great caution as he was not qualified to provide advice and not able to back up his claims with scientific evidence. It is now known the Pete Evans was quoting old data, which has since been proven wrong.

Evans has responded by saying “The wisdom of crowds far outweighs the corruption and fear mongering of the media.”

Our resident expert, Dr Brad Robinson, also appeared in the news when he delivered a baby daughter for a couple, with all three of them being born on August 16th. You can read the full article here.

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