Thousands of Maxi-Cosi car seats recalled from sale

More than 10,000 Maxi-Cosi car seats have been recalled due to serious safety concerns.

Almost 6000 units of the A2 Euro Convertible model have been removed from sale following reports the restraining straps could dangerously loosen while driving.

According to Product Safety Recalls Australia, this was caused by the fabric around the harness adjuster mechanism getting caught, allowing the shoulder harness to loosen without lifting the harness adjuster.

If the harness is loosened the child restraint is no longer effective in restraining the child in the event of an accident or sudden braking, increasing the risk of injury to the child.

The recall applies to the Euro A2 with a date of manufacture between 16 September 2014 to the 12 March 2015.

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Supplier Dorel Australia Pty Ltd will provide consumers with a free replacement trim for affected car seats. The old trim will be returned to Dorel and not the retailer.

As an interim solution, customers are advised to ensure that the harness adjuster is free of any impediments when fitting a child into the restraint.

The recall comes just one week after the Maxi-Cosi A4 convertible was recalled, after it emerged the product had been inadvertently released for sale before the safety certification process was completed.

The ABC reported that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commision would be investigating concerns to determine whether or not Dorel engaged in misleading practices.

A Spokeswoman from The Royal Automobile Association of South Australia told the ABC she was concerned by both Maxi-Cosi models.

The said the safety flaw in the A2 model could allow a child to be ejected from the seat, while the A4 model was an illegal restraint which shouldn’t be sold or used.

Maxi-Cosi car seats are sold in over 80 countries world-wide, with more than a 250,000 units sold in Australia annually.

For further information on identifying the date of manufacture please visit the IGC Dorel website

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