Sperm donor romance

Traditionally, couples would meet, fall in love, get married and have a baby.


These days, relationship steps take place in all sorts of different orders, but rarely do couples have a baby before they even meet.

Yet that was the case for Aminah Hart and Scott Anderson.

Their story – ‘How I met Your Father’ which aired on Australian Story this week – is an unlikely, almost unbelievable one.

Aminah, an advertising professional, had lost two baby boys to a genetic disorder passed on from mother to son.

At 42 and single, Aminah believed IVF via an anonymous sperm donor was her only option to conceive a healthy baby.

Enter Scott, a farmer, whose donation resulted in the birth Aminah’s baby daughter, Leila.

Aminah chose Scott based on his profile, selecting out of five that were presented to her.

The twice-divorced father, who described himself as happy and healthy on his donation profile, was already a father of four.

As a farmer, Scott artificially inseminated cattle for a living so doing the same to help a couple in need didn’t seem like a big deal, though he didn’t tell anyone about his decision to do so.

When Leila was born, Aminah – who had never known her own West Indian father – became curious and decided to make a formal request for contact.

While Scott never expected to be contacted until he was elderly, he agreed, with the pair meeting just before Leila’s first birthday.

They immediately clicked and began spending a lot of time together.

Scott’s current partner felt he was spending too much time with the baby he helped conceive so she broke it off with him, paving the way for he and Aminah to begin a romantic relationship.

The couple are now living out their own unique fairytale romance and happily raising their beautiful  daughter, Leila, together.

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