I first saw Pregma Plus+ on a Chemist Warehouse advert on the TV. It definitely caught my eye being pregnant with my third child and suffering with the worst nausea and sickness of any previous pregnancies.

First look – Pregma Plus+:

Pregma Plus+ comes in two different stages – Stage 1 for Conception and 1st Trimester and Stage 2 for second and third trimesters, which made it easy to locate in store as they are clearly labelled with a different colour for each stage. I knew what I was buying and what for without having to read into length through the packaging (which is great with two toddlers at your ankles.)

Pregma Plus+ is available in a full size tin or a pack of 15 sachets. I found the individual sachets were a perfect selling point for me. As a busy working mother of two boy toddlers, I throw a sachet into my handbag and have it at work if I don’t get time in the morning. It’s handy having them already portioned out which means I can just pop it in water and have on the go if needed.


At first, I was a little worried about drinking Pregma Plus+ because anything that I ate or drank would make me vomit!

It was a real struggle through my first trimester suffering terrible morning sickness hence, not being able to take any form of supplement or tablet for that matter! So taking a soluble supplement meant that I didn’t have to attempt to swallow a tablet and made it so much better knowing I was getting my necessary vitamins.

Most times I would just have it with water and I really didn’t mind the taste at all. I have also tried blending into a smoothie and it is barely noticeable. My boys also wanted to try it and called it milk for the baby!

Pregma Plus+Effectiveness:

For me Pregma Plus+ was a lifesaver!! Especially stage 1, I was so sick and so tired, and with two toddlers and working four days a week I was really feeling down and had massive Mum guilt about sitting down all day.

The morning sickness relief and vitamin B6 in Pregma Plus+ Stage 1 really transformed the first trimester of my pregnancy. I was able to eat healthier foods again without feeling unwell and I even got back to the gym which was a saviour for my mental health!

I am now in my second trimester and have just started stage 2 and continue to feel great, due to it being winter there is not much chance of outside play right now so the vitamin D in stage 2 is very reassuring as is the levels of calcium for myself and the baby. My previous pregnancies have been so easy and this one was becoming a struggle until I was introduced to Pregma Plus+.


I would highly recommended Pregma+ Stage 1 and 2 to my friends especially in the first trimester as that really helped me get through the morning sickness.