When I was asked to trial a soluble supplement, I jumped at the chance! I am currently on my second pregnancy at 24 weeks and have been taking Pregma+ Stage 1 a month before I conceived. I suffered through my first pregnancy with terrible morning sickness and gagged every time I had to take my pregnancy supplements in tablet form. When I was told I could get all my necessary vitamins in a soluble drink…I was sold instantly and have been taking Pregma+ daily ever since!


First look:

The packaging on Pregma+ is eye catching and looks like something that applies to me as a pregnant woman. It works in two stages and is easy to understand the individual stage system and how it changes through pregnancy, as they’re clearly colour coded for Stage 1 (Pink for Conception-1st Trimester) and Stage 2 (Purple for 2nd and 3rd Trimesters).


The Pregma+ sachets instantly appealed to me, being a busy working Mum on the go most days. The fact that they’re already portioned, compact and easy to open and pour into a bottle or glass where ever I am, is so helpful.



The taste of Pregma+ is not as bad as you initially think it might be, being a powdered drink full of vitamins and minerals and no sugar! When blended in with water or made into a smoothie, its barely noticeable at all and actually adds to the flavour!

I added Pregma+ Stage 2 (for 2nd Trimester) to my morning smoothie and it just added a nice creamy vanilla taste.



I found Pregma+ to be extremely effective!  It contains a good amount of all the necessary vitamins and minerals required during pregnancy for both my own body and that of my growing baby, at each stage of my pregnancy.

The added bonus of B6 in Pregma+ Stage 1, I found gave me a little more energy in the mornings than my usual smoothie without Pregma+ plus in it. I believe the ginger really helped with my morning sickness, too.

Being in the second stage of my pregnancy through winter, it’s reassuring to know I am getting all the vitamin D I need, through taking pregma plus each day.



I have already recommended Pregma+ Stage 1 and 2 to my friends as a true alternative to taking a pregnancy supplement in a soluble formation if you struggle with taking tablets.