When I was asked to test the new Mustela Stretch Mark Oil, I was really keen to use it to help reduce the appearance of my stretch marks. I have seen other stretch mark creams on the market but I was keen to trial an oil based product.

First Look:

The Mustela Stretch Mark Oil is perfect to help soothe your skin and keep skin hydrated. It certainly keeps your skin soft and smooth, with the light weight oil which melts on your skin, leaving it lovely and silky! This product is easy to apply and is all natural, using vegan ingredients.


The Mustela Stretch Mark Oil is really gentle on the skin and knowing that it’s dermatologist tested and fragrance free really suits me as I don’t love anything with a strong smell!

After having used it for a few weeks, I started to see a reduction in the appearance of my stretch marks, which makes me feel more confident!


The pricing of the Mustela Stretch Mark Oil is standard within the stretch mark oil range. However, the bottle was a little smaller than others however, it does go along way so will last you a while.


I recommend using the oil throughout your pregnancy, as well as after your birth, for best results! It’s a great product!