I’m a long-time lover of the Mustela brand and have been using their products on my 2 boys for over the past 4 years. When I heard that Mustela had developed a Stretch Mark Oil, I was keen to try it to help reduce the appearance of my stretch marks. I’m currently pregnant with baby number 3, so it is perfect timing for trialing this product!

First Look:

The Mustela Stretch Mark Oil looks luxurious and comes with a flip up lid so it’s easy to get the oil out of the bottle with minimal mess while applying to the skin.

Brittany Dela Cruz Mustela Oil Review

Ease of Use:

I like that the Mustela Stretch mark Oil is thick enough to easily spread across the skin whether it be the belly, breasts, thighs or hips but it’s not too thick, that it doesn’t absorb easily and quickly into your skin. It leaves you with a satiny glow and does not feel sticky at all.

Mustela stretch mark Oil Review


I love how it allows for quick dressing with longer lasting hydration. I have been applying morning and evening and have noticed my skin feels instantly hydrated and supple in the areas I have applied the oil – being my belly, hips, breasts & thighs. I love that you can use the oil to massage it into your skin too.

Brittany Dela Cruz Mustela Oil Review

I also love how it’s a fragrance-free formula. Other pregnancy stretch mark oils and creams that I’ve used in my past 2 pregnancies, made me feel sick from the smell and I ended up not using them.


Mustela Stretch Mark Oil is made from 100% natural ingredients. Using quality oils such as Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil and Maracuja Oil these are one of the most hydrating oils.

I love that it’s 100% certified organic.


Being an oil, it is expected that these products seem to be a bit more costly than a cream but I’m happy to pay more for quality knowing I am giving my body the best chance during the pregnancy to prevent stretch marks & keep my skin hydrated and supple.


I love the Mustela Stretch Mark Oil! I’ve recommended to all my pregnant friends and those who have just had babies. It’s well worth the money. If you’re pregnant or just had a baby do yourself a favour and give this awesome product a try, you won’t regret it.

Brittany Dela Cruz Mustela Oil Review