The opportunity to review the Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm came at the perfect time – just as my three month old started feeding without using a nipple shield. While very excited for this transition, I was quickly reminded of the initial tenderness and discomfort as he latched on again while he learnt to feed without the shield. Thankfully I had the Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm on hand!

Jennifer Cowell Mustela Mum Review

First Look

The Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm comes in a handy small tube with an easy flip lid that you can do one handed. What stood out to me initially, was the emphasis it made on the pack – having 100% organic ingredients.

Jennifer Cowell Mustela Mum Review


Within minutes of using the balm after a feed, there is significant relief! The balm soothed the tenderness that I was initially feeling and it had a moisturising effect on my nipples. In addition to the post-feed relief, I have found that after using it for a week, I am having significantly less discomfort during feeds as well – no more of that initial wincing each time he latches on!


I definitely recommend Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm. It really helps with sensitivity after feeding, protects the nipple during feeds, and I liked that it was fragrance free made from natural ingredients. I was comforted knowing that it was safe for bub.

Jennifer Cowell Mustela Mum Review

In addition, the balm didn’t leave stains on my clothes and best yet, the cream is hassle free as it doesn’t need to be removed prior to feeding.

The balm is affordable, and a little goes a long way. After regular use during the week there is still plenty left in the bottle. While it’s not the cheapest option out there, it’s worth spending a little more for quality!