As a first time Mum in the third trimester of pregnancy during the middle of summer that already has hip and back issues I was excited to try out the Belly Bandit Upsie Belly.

Belly Bandit

First Look:

Firstly, finding the correct size was very simple, all I needed was one measurement around the widest part of my belly.

There are 4 sizes to choose from and plenty of room to grow with a wide panel of Velcro when doing the garment up. I chose the nude colour as I wear quite a bit of light clothing and prefer the belt not be seen.

The Upsie Belly is made of a very soft stretchy bamboo fabric which is light in feel and weight yet supportive. Surprisingly, I found I didn’t sweat under it even on very hot days. It’s also very comfortable against my skin – which has been especially sensitive in pregnancy. Even with it being quite a wide belt I found I didn’t need to adjust the Upsie Belly when standing and sitting or moving around actively. It folds where required to help stay comfortable, and most importantly it didn’t roll down or cut into my belly.

Belly Bandit


I found the more I wore the upside belly the more benefits I noticed, it helped my back, made my hips feel stable and overall my belly felt well supported. I especially loved the stability it gave my belly while exercising and that it allowed me to stay on my feet longer during the day.

As someone that had issues prior to pregnancy with my back and hips, I loved that it was able to provide the belly support but also be firm enough to help support my pelvis and back. It took me little while to get around to trying the gel pad included with the Upsie Belly – which can be used warm or cold and slips into a specially designed pocket. The cold on my back was soothing and I loved that it was kept in position whilst I continued to move around. I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to try it as a heat pack as the has been too warm.

I plan to use it during labour as a pain management tool and also after I’ve had the baby as the Upsie Belly can be reversed to support the stomach and use the gel pad against the belly postpartum. The discreet pocket that holds the gel pack doesn’t cause any inconvenience while not in use.


I can’t think of anything I’d change in the Upsie Belly other than wishing I’d had it to use from earlier in my pregnancy!


Having tried a few different pregnancy belly supports, I would definitely recommend the Upsie Belly to other Mum’s starting as soon as any symptoms are felt from pregnancy in the hips, back or abdominal area. As an environmentally aware Mum, it is also nice to use a product that is earth friendly.