During my first pregnancy with my daughter, I had heard about pregnancy support belts but at no point did I feel I needed the extra support. It wasn’t until my second pregnancy that I was feeling extremely heavy – as early as the first trimester. I shortly learned that I was expecting twins which explained the heaviness and the pronounced belly at such an early stage of pregnancy. After talking to other mums of twins, the pregnancy support belts came highly recommended. It wasn’t until the thirteen-week mark that the weight of carrying twins was beginning to become painful, particularly in the afternoon following a normal day of chasing my toddler and trying to carry out day to day activities.

First Look

I was very excited on the day of receiving my  Upsie Belly by Belly Bandit in hope it would assist me partaking in day to day activities as simple as general house cleaning without the dreaded back pain and discomfort to shortly follow. My first thoughts on the belt was that it looked very simple and I was sceptical on how something that looks so simple could help ease my discomfort during pregnancy.


The instructions on how to wear were simple. As far as comfort goes, while standing and moving around, the Upsie Belly provides support to the lower back and delivers a sensation of keeping your stomach firm and safe. I did find the belt to be slightly uncomfortable when sitting down, but with a quick adjustment of the belt (not always easy to do when in public), this was relieved. For myself, living 40km’s from major shops, driving in the car was becoming extremely uncomfortable with the slightest of bumps in the road setting the discomfort off. I found the Upsie Belly certainly eased this discomfort and has made our drives to town a lot more bearable.

I was able to wear the Upsie Belly under all my clothing. I was a little concerned that the belt would show, particularly on the tighter/more fitting dresses. This however, was no issue as I have such a large belly the crease where the velcro meets is not seen and the lines on the back are not visible. And to be honest, if it the lines were visible, this would not stop me from wearing the belt. The extra support and comfort it provided me far outweighed any visible lines.

Belly Bandit

The additional gel pad insert provides relief and support to the next level. Having a toddler to entertain and look after all day and completing housework is certainly draining while carrying a large weight on the front. With the gel pad insert, this allows me to feel relief while still completing all required duties, with minimal downtime.


I would highly recommend the Upsie Belly by Belly Bandit to all expectant mothers, in particular mothers carrying multiples. The cost of this garment is certainly worth every cent, I would not hesitate to buy another if I was to misplace my current one. I am only 5 feet tall, and carrying twins is certainly taking its toll on my body, but having the extra support that this belt provides will make this pregnancy a little more enjoyable.

As I am still halfway through my pregnancy, and already seeing the benefits, I am excited to see the increased benefits of this belt as I progress through my pregnancy and reach the heaviest times of my gestation. I am also eager to see how the Upsie Belly by Belly Bandit further assists in my recovery after birth.