I am currently 30w pregnant with my second child. We conceived our second child when our son was 7months old. Having my children this close together has meant that my body hasn’t had enough time to recover from my first pregnancy. I again have pelvic instability, sciatica, and a diastasis recti – abdominal muscle separation.

During my first pregnancy I was having twice weekly physiotherapy sessions. I was wearing tubi grip and a pelvic brace. With an active 14month old son to chase after, I haven’t been able to do my physio regime or rest as often as I could during my first pregnancy. My son is not walking yet so he needs to be carried a lot, especially up and down our stairs, this is quite demanding on my pregnant body.

Over the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to trial the Upsie Belly support band by Belly Bandit. I was originally skeptical about how it was going to preform, especially compared to the support garments that I was prescribed by my physiotherapist during my first pregnancy. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the Upsie Belly support band is, how long I can comfortably wear it for during the day, how easy it is to wash, and most of all how amazing the hot/cold gel pack insert that comes with the band is.

Belly BanditFirst looks:

My summer maternity wardrobe consists mainly of light coloured tops, shorts, and fitted dresses. For this reason I chose to trial the ‘nude’ band. I was surprised to find that the ‘nude’ band actually refers to a fully white coloured band with a thin nude trim around the border; rather than it being a fully nude coloured band. Nevertheless, the band can still be worn discretely under light coloured clothing, and because there are no additional rigid support structures sewn into the band (like there are with other pregnancy support garments), I can continue to wear fitted summer dresses over the top of the band without it being too visible.


The more that I wore the band, the more comfortable it became. Whilst keeping the tightness and support, it wrinkled and creased to perfectly fit my shape. The band literally molded to my body. Because the band fits so well, it stays in place even when I sit down and stand up. This is great because it means that I never have to readjust the band or my clothing. The band is comfortable, and fits so snuggly that I actually forget I am wearing it sometimes!

Belly Bandit

Ease of use:

The viscose bamboo material that the band is made from is very soft, and breathable. I have easily been able to wear it without overheating or getting sweaty, even on very hot days where it gets up over 40 degrees in Adelaide! The material is antimicrobial, antibacterial, and moisture wicking – this means that the band doesn’t soak up any sweat or get smelly! The band is so well made that it held its shape, and still looks/feels brand new even after being washed.


The band comes in four sizes ranging from small to extra large, the instructions on how to choose the right size are easy to follow. The bands have 12 inch long adjustable straps on them. This means not only does the band fit perfectly now, but I will be able to loosen the band as I get larger towards the end of my pregnancy…AND then tighten it up to wear during my postpartum recovery period.

Gel pad:

My favorite feature is the nifty hot/cold gel pack which comes with the band. This is something that I have never seen before with other pregnancy support garments. The clever gel pack fits into a specially designed pocket in the widest section of the band. I love how quick and easy it is to prepare the gel pack for use. It takes 30 seconds to heat up in the microwave, or 30 minutes to cool down in the freezer. Because the band doesn’t roll down or move, and the gel pack is held snuggly in its special pocket, it stays in place even when I am busy on the move!

Belly BanditAffordability:

For the extras that you get with the Upsie belly, such as the gel pack insert and the fact it is double duty working as a pregnancy support band and as a postpartum girdle, the price that the band sits at is reasonable and fair. Some private health insurers will even rebate part of the cost of the band so this is definitely something worth looking into!


I would recommend to other mum’s that have similar problems (pelvic instability, sciatica) during their pregnancy to give the Upsie belly support band a go. I am happy with how much the band has helped reduce my aches and pains. I will continue to use the Upsie belly for the remainder of my pregnancy, and look forward to trying it out as a postpartum girdle after my daughter is born in March!