Baby Born on the Same day as Parents

Amazingly, married couple Caitlin and Tom Perkins share the same birthday. Both born on August 16th, 1986 – within 50 minutes of each other. The couple have just welcomed their first child into the world this week on, you guessed it, August 16th. The couple celebrated their joint 30th birthdays with the arrival of their daughter Lucy Marie on the same day.

When Caitlin’s due date fell in August there had been jokes and banter about the baby arriving on the couple’s 30th birthday, no one actually thought it might happen.

New Born Baby’s own expert obstetrician, Dr Brad Robinson, delivered the couple’s baby daughter. During her pregnancy, he had joked with Caitlin about the arrival of her baby. Dr Robinson had jokingly said to Caitlin that he would somehow make it happen, and says ‘She nows blames me for putting the hex on her’.

He was as surprised as her parents when Caitlin went in to labour spontaneously, and delivered on August 16th, a week before her due date. The chances of Lucy Marie arriving on the same day that her parents were born is one in 48 million.

Now the family of three have another reason to celebrate on August 16th!


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