Maxi-Cosi update

The makers of Maxi-Cosi have issued an open letter to parents and caregivers following the recent recall of two of its car seats.

The Maxi-Cosi Euro A2 and the Euro A4 were removed from sale following serious safety concerns with the A2 model, and the release of the A4 prior to certification.

The letter explains that the decision to recall the A2 came after it was discovered, in some instances, that the fabric around the harness adjuster mechanism may get caught, allowing the shoulder harness to loosen.

“If there is no fabric impediment to the harness adjuster, it is safe to use, and has SAI Global Certification,” the letter states.

To ensure the problem doesn’t reoccur, the Euro seat trim is being redesigned and customers are being offered a replacement trim.

The Euro A4 is a replacement for the A2 model.

“While it had passed dynamic testing we did release the product before final certification was complete, which is completely unacceptable,” the letter continues.

“We have now recalled the Euro A4 and customers will be given a replacement Maxi-Cosi convertible car seat until the final certification process is complete.”

Customers are encouraged to Dorel Juvenile Australia if they have any questions regarding the recall.

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