I was given PregmaPlus+ to trial early on in my pregnancy at 4 weeks. Prior to that I was taking a tablet form of pregnancy multivitamin which I struggled to take once I found out I was pregnant. Having the option of a pregnancy multi-vitamin that I could drink made all the difference.

First look:

I was really impressed with PregmaPlus+ and how easy it was to work out which product I needed to purchase based on my stage of pregnancy.

PregmaPlus+ Mum Review

PregmaPlus+ works in two stages, Stage 1 (The Pink tin which is for conception through to 1st Trimester) and Stage 2 (Purple tin – for 2nd and 3rd Trimesters) It makes it super easy to identify which packet you need to grab out of the cupboard or when you are picking it up at the pharmacy.

PregmaPlus+ Mum Review

I love how it says what each sachet/stage is for. I was really drawn to stage 1’s mention of morning sickness with the added bonus of B6 and Ginger, as I have had a lot of it! Stage 1 also includes the highest levels of Folic Acid, Iodine, Iron, Calcium which is great as I don’t have much of an appetite!

It’s good to know that the high level of iron included is a low constipation iron and interesting to know PregmaPlus+ has a higher level of iron than most other leading pregnancy supplement tablets.


As mentioned, I have suffered a lot with morning sickness (that lasted throughout the whole day!) I didn’t think I could stomach anything but by being able to drink my vitamins really helped me stay well hydrated, and I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to drink. I have been having it with cold water, it tastes like milk!


PregmaPlus+ Mum Review

It’s so easy to prepare, I just mix one up to take on the go with me first thing in the morning and then pop a handy prepared PregmaPlus+ sachet in my bag to take to work. I make one up in the late afternoon at work to get me through the rest of the day.

PregmaPlus+ Mum Review


I have been feeling really great on PregmaPlus+ compared to other tablet forms I had previously taken! I don’t want to stop taking it – in case I jinx myself!


I would definitely recommend taking PregmaPlus+ to any one trying to conceive or someone looking for an effective pregnancy multi-vitamin supplement that alleviates the need to take a tablet form.

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To find out more about PregmaPlus+ Stage 1 or 2 see the Nutracare website here