When I found out I was pregnant I started taking a pregnancy vitamin tablet, however, I started to find it hard to swallow when nausea and morning sickness started to kick in. I was so thankful for the opportunity to try Nutracare PregmaPlus+ as a soluble maternity supplement drink when I was 6-weeks pregnant.

First look:

The sachets were easily identifiable by the 2 stages that they come in Pink for 1st Trimester and Purple which combines 2nd and 3rd Trimester.

Sarah Boggs PregmaPlus Mum Review


In the mornings my routine would start with PregmaPlus+ which I leave right near the kettle to remind me to take each morning. I blend it up in a few seconds with a banana which tastes great and also fills you up. I find the individual sachets easy to use when tired or traveling and it’s quick and easy and comforting to know I am getting all the vitamins that I need during the stage that I am in.

Sarah Boggs PregmaPlus Mum Review


A great side benefit I have found taking PregmaPlus+, is that it also benefits my hair and nails – my nails have never been stronger and as long before!

Sarah Boggs PregmaPlus Mum Review


It’s a great comfort to know that I am giving all the nutrients that my baby needs for development and I found that the B6 and Ginger added to Stage 1 also assisted with my nausea in the mornings.

I would recommend Nutracare PregmaPlus+ to anyone that is looking for a multistage pregnancy supplement to ensure that you and your baby are both getting everything that is needed during this exciting time. I have switched to stage 2 now as I am in my 2nd Trimester and feeling great!