I am no novice using baby monitors having had my fair share in the last 3 years. Knowing Oricom is a well-known and loved brand I was excited to try the new Oricom monitor and Babysense7.

First Look

The Oricom monitor is modern looking and compact. It has everything you need in a baby monitor such as parent talk function, the alibility to play lullabies and white noise as well as VOX (voice activation) and finally the ability to add additional cameras to the one parent unit.

It is super easy to setup following the straightforward instructions and very easy to use once you have it down pat.

The monitor is compact and lightweight and will come in handy when we go traveling later in the year…it packs quite small.

Oricom Sc720Useful features

Temperature Display & Trigger Warning – The Trigger Warning and Vibration Alert Function is something we loved on this monitor.

We haven’t had this feature in other monitors we have owned. We set the trigger warning to 27 degrees. Occasionally it went off when the temperature in the room crept up to be too hot. Also with bubs sleeping away from us during his naps, made us feel better that he was sleeping at a comfortable temperature and also not getting too cold with the air con on.

The temperature display also was very useful, as it was only a click away on the screen.

Oricom Sc720

Lullabies & White Noise – As our bub sleeps with white noise, I was excited to use this function. We found It soothing and easy to play from the parent unit. The lullaby option was a lovely bonus.

Parent Talk Function – A useful feature to use to soothe your baby if they become unsettled to let them know your nearby.

Voice Activation – Our bubs is a light sleeper, so we liked the fact that we could adjust the monitor to be able to hear any slight noises, giving us peace of mind.

Register 4 baby units – The Oricom monitor is able to connect to 4 cameras to the one parent unit. I liked this feature as we have a 2 year old and a newborn. Whilst the newborn is sleeping in our room, I like to be able to keep an eye him during nap times and also keep watch on my 2 year old who sleeps in his own room.


  • The battery cord gets stuck when you are trying to put the battery case on which makes it hard to then place & charge in the cradle.
  • The lullabies and white noise can only be played off the parent unit, would be good to be able to control this on the camera in the baby’s room too.

NEW Babysense7 Infant Movement Monitor

Initially I wasn’t sure about using the Babysense7 Infant Breathing Movement Monitor as our baby (16 weeks) is still sleeping in our room. However, I trialed it on my bub’s day sleeps in the cot he will soon transition into.

The option to use only 1 pad if your bub isn’t crawling yet, or 2 if they are on the move for more reassurance and knowing that it continuously monitors the breathing movement rate gave me peace of mind.

I was surprised at how super easy it was to set up. The control unit connects to sensor pads under your baby’s mattress, out of the way of the baby so no safety risk.

Oricom Babysense7

We were lucky that the movement monitor never went off while we were using it. However, I wanted to test it, so after I went into get my son up, I purposely left it on and it went off and boy was it loud. Understanding the alarm needs to be loud for the parent/care taker to hear, it was very loud and would scare your baby which I guess is the point.

The Audible alarm activates if your baby’s breathing slows to a rate of less than 10 breaths per minute or cannot be detected in 20 seconds.

Oricom Babysense7


For us the only thing that I can fault the Babysense7 on is the need for batteries but understand that this is better than yet another cord to plug into a power outlet, which may not be safe for your child.


I would recommend the Oricom monitor to other mums. It’s functions along with ease of use, is what you need when you are wanting to ensure your child is safe while sleeping.

The Oricom Babysense7 offers great peace of mind if you are worried or have a high risk baby that does not share a room with you.