If there was one thing that all parents agree on, particularly mums, is that a night of uninterrupted sleep is a luxury! What if there was something that could help babies and children sleep through the night? I’m not talking about magic, but it is pretty close, there is something that can help your baby or child sleep and it comes in the shape of a dinosaur egg. The Oricom AD100 Aroma Diffuser Night Light is the answer us sleep deprived parents have been searching for!

Oricom AD100 Aroma Diffuser Night Light

The Oricom AD100 is specifically designed to utilise modern ultrasonic technology, light therapy and mist to create a soothing sleep environment that encourages sleep. There is also the option to add essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus to the water.

I am one of those people that try to use things straight out of the box and only read the instruction manuals when something goes wrong. Luckily for me, the Oricom AD100 Aroma Diffuser Night Light is so easy-to-use its ridiculous! It took a total of 90 seconds to set up from opening the box to flipping the switch.

For years we have been told not to look at our mobile before bed because the blue light from the screen can have a negative effect on our sleep. The use of red light at night before bed can encourage sleep and assist with melatonin production. The Oricom AD100 comes with seven soft night light colours; however, there is no reason why you cannot use these beautiful colours during the day! There is also the option to cycle through all the colours. As blue light has a negative effect on sleep I didn’t use the colour cycle function at night, only the red.

Oricom glow egg

The lamp and mist functions work independently, meaning you can have the mister on without the light if your child becomes distracted by the light or is used to sleeping in a dark room.

To ensure peace of mind Oricom have included a timer function on the AD100 along with an automatic shut-off when the water level dips too low.

I can hear you asking ‘but did actually it work?’ the good news is, yes!

My little girl slept soundly for 6 hours and woke for a feed, which was followed by another 4 hours of sleep. As she fell asleep she stared at the light and a couple of times she woke but soothed herself to sleep by looking at the red light. I’m still waiting for that elusive full night of uninterrupted sleep, but it feels closer than it ever has before.


The AD100 doesn’t come with a pouring cup to fill up the unit with water. I ended up using the pouring cup for the iron to ensure water didn’t spill everywhere. I could see this as being a potentially dangerous issue as some people may unplug the device and place it under a tap to fill up.

The use of essential oils, especially lavender, helps aid sleep. However, the AD100 does not include any essential oils and this would be an additional purchase, which also means if you don’t already have essential oils at home you won’t be getting the best out of your Aroma Diffuser Night Light.

Overall review:

The visually decorative dinosaur egg design is perfect for nurseries and the misting and light functions really do help with creating a positive sleep environment.

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