Since I have had bub, I have bought over 4 different brands of maternity, breast feeding cami tops and finally feel I have found the one! The Medela bra is equally as beautiful as it’s cami sister! It fits perfectly, and feels so comfortable on. I have battled with other brands having padded cups, and very quickly not fitting quite right with postpartum changes, the Medela bra adjusts perfectly to your breast with superb support.


The Medela tank top has a 4 way stretch fabric, which is just so unbelievably soft and comfortable, which means it really fits perfectly, stretching to your shape and will comfortably follow and adjust to postpartum weight changes and still look perfect.

medela tank

Ease of Use

I have found the straps with some other brands have been a little troublesome to snap open sometimes, the Medela is so easy, and you don’t have to worry about the top pulling down, the fabric offers unrivalled support and stays firmly in place until you choose to pull down for bub.

medela bra


With other camis I have found they are very structured, especially at the breast, as soon as I have lost any weight I need a different size, not with the Medela! The advantage of the soft fabric means that you also avoid any ruffles or fabric interfering with breast feeding, unlike other brands that I’ve found to sneak up under the boob and bub has sometimes had to battle boob with a mouthful of fabric!

Medela Tank


The Medela maternity nursing bra and tank are by far the best I have found yet! The difference these make for breastfeeding in my opinion is unbeatable, I have not found anything wearable that makes it so easy until now.

Price wise the Medela Maternity Nursing bar and tank are slightly dearer than some of the other brands, but well worth it. Rather than purchasing several other branded ones, and often needing new sizes with body changes, or washing & loosing shape, I will be investing in a couple of the Medela tanks which will last me a tribe of bubs I am sure!

I could not be happier with this product!

medela bra


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