From the moment I saw the positive line on my pregnancy test my whole world changed and I wanted to make sure I was doing everything to ensure I was protecting that little growing human. Finding a pregnancy vitamin that looks after the growth and development of my little one but is also scientifically-backed is important.

I was very excited to trial the range from Perdays this pregnancy after using another well-known brand during my last pregnancy. I have been pleasantly surprised at the difference I have noticed already with this range.

Perdays Bianca Real Mum Review

First Look

At first look at the Australian-made products by Perdays, I was extremely impressed. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they come in a double-walled glass package providing protection for the capsules by reducing their exposure to light, temperature changes, and moisture.

Perdays have also used NUTRISEAL-CAPS which are Australia’s first double capsules.  This means each capsule contains its own separate ingredients and allows for a delayed release of the nutrients to ensure they are well absorbed where they are meant to be. I was very impressed with the design of these capsules and also excited to hear that they can also help to reduce reflux; which I unfortunately suffered with during my first pregnancy.

Perdays Pregnancy Key Essential & Probiotics Review


The Perdays range consists of a Pregnancy Probiotic 360 with Vitamin D and a Pregnancy Key Essentials with DHA combination. To be able to support the growth and development of my baby as well as me through this pregnancy with such well thought out and effective products have been amazing. Even just having the probiotic and vitamin D component onboard this time with a toddler in the house has ensured I have kept well and healthy through this pregnancy so far.

The NUTRISEAL-CAPS in the Pregnancy Probiotic 360 have the Vitamin D liquid in the outer capsule which disintegrates in the stomach and is digested.  The probiotic organisms that are stored in the innermost capsule are then able to travel through to the small intestine which then allows billions of live probiotics to be released.

Perdays Bianca Real Mum Review


After learning about the benefits and scientifically backed minerals and nutrients that have gone into the Perdays range, I was very happy to be continuing with this product for the duration of my pregnancy.

I am so excited to have found the Perdays range, and I feel they are worth the investment in your health and wellbeing during a time that can be quite challenging and draining physically for a lot of women.


The Perdays Probiotic 360 with Vitamin D has so many amazing benefits for mums during pregnancy and beyond. Unlike most other probiotics on the market, Perdays supports healthy emotional balance and can assist in maintaining healthy blood sugars as well. With the Vitamin D and each capsule containing 16 billion beneficial bacteria, they are a huge improvement to other pregnancy supplements I have found in the past.

Perdays Bianca Real Mum Review

The Perdays Pregnancy Key Essential with DHA include Folinic acid which is a pre-activated form of folic acid to ensure you have the best chance of absorbing this vital nutrient. I was not aware that 1 in 3 women cannot convert traditional folic acid in its active form. They also contain 13 high quality vitamins and minerals to promote healthy brain function, fetal development and can help to prevent neural tube defects when taken at least 4 weeks before conception and during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Perdays Bianca Real Mum Review


Another huge plus for a lot of mums out there would be they are free from allergens and are also vegan and vegetarian friendly.

I would absolutely recommend Perdays to other mums! I only wish I had found these products during my first pregnancy. I love that they are Australian made as well and having the first double capsule is an exciting development for the future of pregnancy and support for expectant mothers.