Awareness of the importance of infant hip development is increasing, as more parents make a conscious effort to research how they can support their child in this area.

As a result, the International Hip Dysplasia Institute is offering formal assessment of infant sleep and wear products, in order to ensure children have the best chance of development their hips in the right way.

The new Hip Healthy Groswaddle has earnt Hip Healthy recognition from the institute, making it the perfect choice for your little one.

Swaddling provides comfort for many young bubs by making them feel warm and secure, also stopping them from being disturbed by their startle reflex.


Unfortunately, some swaddling methods have been shown to increase the risk of Hip Dysplasia as they don’t allow baby to rest in the natural frog legged position.

While the exact cause of Hip Dysplasia isn’t known, research suggests it develops around the time of birth, after birth or during childhood.
Because the bones of an infant’s hip joints are softer than an adults, they are more likely to become misaligned or dislocate.

The Hip Healthy Groswaddle has been designed with an innovative pocket design, ensuring that baby’s legs are in a hip healthy natural leg position with ample room for movement – and no wriggly legs breaking free.

The wrap is made from 100% soft cotton and has two different length pieces, no complicated fastenings ensuring that baby can’t be swaddled too tightly.

The GroSwaddle is available in a variety of beautiful designs and best of all, it can be used from birth (including premature babies) up to 14lbs.

RRP $24.99.