As awareness increases, more and more parents are becoming concerned about supporting their children to have healthy hip development.

Preventing Hip Dysplasia is paramount, and the The Gro Company’s Swaddle Grobag is helping parents ensure healthy hip developments.

Swaddling is known to provide comfort for young babies by making them feel warm and secure. It also stops them from being disturbed by their startle reflex.

Unfortunately, some swaddling methods increase the risk of Hip Dysplasia as they don’t allow baby to rest in the natural frog legged position.



Although specific causes of Hip Dysplasia are not known, research suggests Hip Dysplasia is developmental around the time of birth, after birth or during childhood.

As the bones of an infant’s hip joints are softer than an adults, they are more likely to become misaligned or dislocate in comparison to an adult’s hip.

The Gro Company were keen to develop a Hip Healthy Swaddle Grobag solution resulting in a revolutionary 2 in 1 Swaddle and Newborn Grobag.

You won’t need any other bedding for your bub, as The Swaddle Grobag enables you to swaddle arms in or out.

Gro swaddle

Super easy to use with no folding required, plus a long zip that opens from the bottom for quick and simple nappy changes.

It’s unique design creates space for baby’s natural leg position, keeping your baby comfortable, and gets them reading for their first Grobag.


Supersoft and stretchy cotton, The Swaddle Grobag is available in two different sizes; Newborn and Newborn plus and two different fabric weights – Light weight for warm rooms between 21 and 25°C and Cosy weight for cool rooms between 16 and 20°C.

The GroSwaddle is available in a variety of beautiful designs and best of all, it can be used from birth (including premature babies) up to 14lbs.

Newborn in Light and Cosy –  RRP: $39.95
Newborn Plus in Light and Cosy – RRP: $44.95