Stepping Out With a Newborn For the First Time

Stepping out with your newborn for the fist time is a big deal. Those first few weeks with a new born can be overwhelming for new mothers. The thought of leaving the house, even to go out for a coffee, can seem insurmountable. As daunting as it is, it’s important that you take the plunge because, while you might be completely absorbed in your new baby, the four walls of your house can quickly feel like they are closing in. By following these simple hints, stepping out with a newborn for the first time can be made easier.

Stepping out With a Newborn for the First Time made Easier;

  • Coffee Out – Make the first trip the easiest. Choose your local coffee shop, or somewhere that you can walk to. That way if things go ‘pear shaped’ you can turn around and come home. That first burst of fresh air will inspire you to go again, and once you’re confident with casual strolls with your baby you can move on to the next steps.
  • Doctor’s Appointment – If it’s an appointment, book it for later in the day. One appointment that all new Mums need to keep is the six-week post-birth check up with their doctor or midwife. More often than not, this will involve a car trip. It may be your first time driving alone with your baby (particularly if you had a caesarean birth). The best thing you can do is book it for mid to late morning, that way you’ll have several hours to get organised. Leave half an hour earlier than you normally would, so you can be confident that you will arrive on time. Call the doctor’s office to check if they are running late, so you can bring extra feeds if you’re bottle feeding, or a snack for yourself for while you wait.
  • Lunch Out – Choose somewhere casual so you’re not worrying about feeding, crying or fussiness. Try to make your first lunch date with someone who has children – they will understand if you’re feeling stressed and will be able to offer practical help. Order something you can eat with one hand, just in case you are feeding or holding your baby when your food arrives. Ask for the bill when you order your last item, that way if you need to make a quick dash, you won’t have to wait for the waiter to bring it.
  • Grocery Shopping – Rather than making it a major shopping expedition, pop in to the local supermarket with your baby in a sling or carrier, and pick up a few things you need for dinner that night. While you’re there, take a quick look at how the trolleys with baby capsules work so you’ll be prepared when you come to do your first big shop. Remember to get your basics first, so if you have to make a quick exit you’ll at least have some of the more important items.
  • Long car journey – the key to long car journeys is planning. Look at the map, estimate your travel time and pinpoint places to stop along the way for feeds. Apart from feeding your baby, it’s also important take a break from your seat belt. Seat belts can cause blocked ducts if you’re breastfeeding so ensure you unbuckle for rest every hour or two.

Try to remember that with each outing it will get easier and you’ll learn something new about life with a baby – before you know it you’ll be an expert. Things won’t always go smoothly, but as long as you keep your sense of humour in tact, you and your baby will be fine.

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