Increase your chances of getting pregnant

Getting pregnant is one of the most fulfilling events in the life of most women. The joy of motherhood including the wonderful feeling of holding the newborn baby close to your bosom is unparalleled to anything else that life has to offer.

Increase your Chances of Getting Pregnant:


However deeply you may want to get pregnant, sometimes life is unfair and becoming pregnant seems to be tougher than imagined. There are several reasons why a woman may face trouble getting pregnant and these range from poor lifestyle choices, physiological problems to any troubled mental state of the couple. If you are having trouble becoming pregnant this may also be the result of a low sperm count, low sperm motility and other male infertility problems.

This does not mean that all hope is lost. Even when the chances of getting pregnant seem remote, there are various steps you can take to correct or reverse any medical condition that exists with you or your partner. Fertility treatment can include ovulation regulation and monitoring sperm health to the application of artificial insemination techniques, IVF and many more.

Planning for Pregnancy

There are several tips which are aimed to increase the chances of conceiving. These include suggestions for your diet, monitoring the ovulation cycle to the most favourable positions for becoming pregnant. In brief they could be:

  • Reducing the amount of fat and processed foods you eat every day. Instead, increase the amount of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and milk in your daily diet. Alcohol is a big no-no, if you are planning on becoming pregnant fast.
  • Both you and your partner should take multi-vitamin supplements. For women, it is essential that the multivitamins contain folic acid as this is accepted by all medical professionals as a huge benefit, not only in helping conceive, but it is important for the healthy development of the baby.
  • Ovulation kits could be extremely helpful. Not only should you know details about your menstrual cycle, an ovulation kit can tell you more about your ovulation cycle and the best time in the month when you are most likely to become pregnant.
  • No matter which positions both of you enjoy when having sex, you have to remember that you have to make the passage of the sperm easy along the vaginal canal. With this in mind, the best position is for the woman to lie on her back with a pillow underneath.
  • Perhaps the best piece of advice which can help you most if you are trying to conceive is, not to worry about pregnancy too much. Enjoy making love with your loved one as much as you can, or else you are jeopardising your sexual performance which in turn reduces your chances of getting pregnant to a greater extent.

Ovulation Cycle

Knowing the dates when your chances of becoming pregnant are highest is perhaps the most critical information to have if you are seeking help getting pregnant. For this, you need to be completely thorough with the dates of your menstrual cycle as they are a precursor to your monthly ovulation cycle. Simply put, knowing these dates can help you and your lover to have sex on the most optimal dates of the month. These could be termed as fertility pointers and can help you in getting pregnant quickly.

  • A sure sign of ovulation is when your vagina is adequately lubricated with vaginal discharge. At the peak of your fertility cycle, your discharge would have the thickness of egg-whites.
  • When your body is ready to contain a fertilised egg, your morning body temperature is usually low during the monthly ovulation cycle.

Getting pregnant is one of the best things that can happen to any women and holding your newborn baby in your arms will be worth all the pain and suffering that you had to endure throughout your pregnancy, so just relax and take it as naturally as possible when trying to conceive.

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