There are two things every parent dreads during the middle of the night; finding a missing dummy or locating a bottle without disturbing the baby.

Sometimes, even though we try our best, babies seem to have impeccable hearing as soon as the lights go out. Wouldn’t it be great to have a bottle that babies not only enjoy feeding from but you could easily locate during the middle of the night? While we’re at it, imagine if the bottle could tell you when the milk is at the perfect temperature for consumption?

Guess what? The perfect bottle does exist thanks to the unique design of NUK’s First Choice Glow in the Dark Bottle with Temperature Control.

The NUK First Choice Glow in the Dark Bottle with Temperature Control features bottles that are modeled on breastfeeding and leaves enough room for your baby’s tongue and jaw for a natural sucking motion. The new soft zone, the silicone baglet, is a better fit against the roof of your baby’s mouth, which gives a natural feeling while drinking.

NUK’s glow in the dark ring not only makes the bottle easy to find when the lights are off, but it also allows you to feed your baby without blinding them with bright lights.

All bottle-feeding parents have tried testing milk on their wrist and then double checking, followed by triple checking, by which time the milk is too cold. That’s why NUK developed the new Temperature Control indicator, which helps parents determine the ideal milk temperature.

The indicator looks similar to a thermometer and is located within the graduation marks. The indicator will change to blue (from white), which indicates the contents are around 37°C (body temperature).

Standout features of the NUK First Choice Glow in the Dark Bottle with Temperature Control

  • Glow in the dark – lasts up to 8 hours
  • NUK Temperature Control – helps parents find the right temperature every time through the smart indicator
  • 99% acceptance – of the NUK First Choice Plus teat
  • AntiColic Air System – creates a natural flow so that your baby can drink in a relaxed way without swallowing air
  • High quality – made from hard-wearing polypropylene (PP) suitable for freezing and BPA free
  • Extra wide bottle neck – making it easy to fill and clean with a slightly curved bottle shape for a secure hold
  • 300ml capacity – 6-18 months with medium hole for formula


NUK First Choice Clow in the Dark Bottle with Temperature Control RRP $11.95